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I currently live in North Somerset, England but was born and brought up in Scotland. From an early age I have been interested in wildlife, particularly birds, and photography. This was influenced greatly by my family and in particular my older brother. As a result I pursued a career in photography with my first job being with a local newspaper as a trainee photographer. However, as with most things in life, for a variety of reasons, plans changed and I have spent most of my adult life working in IT. I believe it was John Lennon who said ‘Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans’ which in my case was very apt.


I remain a lifelong birdwatcher and spent many days in the field both home and abroad. While I maintained an interest in photography throughout my interest for wildlife photography was only seriously rekindled with the advent of digital photography which put me back in charge of the whole process, just like my early professional days. It also recharged my interest in birds and my days in the field where it became less about what I seen, i.e. rarity, numbers and variety, and more about capturing the image because for me  however good your images are there are always better images to be taken. Different action, better light, better angles, cleaner backgrounds can all make the ordinary into extraordinary.


I took early retirement a couple of years ago with has given me more time and the good fortune to persue my passion. I volunteer for the WWT at a nature reserve near Bridgwater in Somerset which I have allied to a growing interest in nature conservation and rewilding.  I have always got a project or projects on the go and I am normally found researching and/or planning trips abroad and in the UK with my camera and even sometimes with my wife. We also have a little second home in Southern Spain near the border with Portugal which given me access and photographic opportunities to some fantastic wildlife.


My website is my attempt to showcase my wildlife photography, I have been fortunate enough to have photographed some great species in many differing parts of the world and hope to continue to do so. Hopefully you also enjoy browsing through my pictures.


Brian Winter

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